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Maverick Marked Cards Poker for Infrared Contacts Lenses

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Brand Maverick
Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin USA
Material plastic coated paper

Maverick marked cards poker for infrared contact lenses are processed from high-quality original cards which are imported from USA. These playing cards are marked with invisible ink but everything looks the same with original poker cards. They can work well in poker cheating. No one can know that you are applying Maverick marked cheat cards on gambling.

Infrared devices are excellent partners for Maverick marked decks. Mainly, we will have contact lenses and sunglasses to detect the invisible marks. Contact lenses are more popular because they are not easy to cause someone’s suspicion. Marked cards contact lenses and Maverick cheating marked cards can greatly increase your winning odds. The marks can let you know the numbers and suits in advance.

maverick marked cards poker in cheating

Maverick marked cards are suitable for most poker gambles, like Omaha, Texas Holdem, Blackjack and Baccarat etc. And you can use them in casinos or private gathering.

How to cheat at poker games with marked cards?

Maverick marked playing cards and infrared detecting devices (sunglasses or contact lenses) are necessary. When you prepare them, you can begin to cheat at poker games. Take Omaha 4 poker as an example. The dealer will deal 4 cards to each players first. These cards are not open so only holders can see the cards. And then every round, dealer will open community cards. If you don’t know opponents’ cards, you just can make the bet depending on luck.

But our invisible ink contact lenses can let you see the marks on Mavericks marking cards. It means that you can know all the cards in poker table in advance. You know how to make the best bet every round. Even if you are not holding the best hands, our marked cards can help you reduce the losses.

maverick cheating cards in poker gambling

Maverick marked poker cards with invisible ink are good choices for players who want to win in gambling. These cards can help you win secretly and easily. Don’t miss this product!