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PTW Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Poker Gambling Tricks

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Brand PTW
Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index 2pips, Regular indes
Origin Italy
Material 100% plastic

PTW invisible ink marked cards can work well in poker gambling tricks. “PTW” is like the abbreviation of “play to win”. Our PTW cards with invisible markings are good helpers for you to win in gambling. PTW marked playing cards are available for most occasions: casino gambling, private gambling, friend gathering, or magic show.

ptw poker cards in many occasions

We have 2 different qualities of markings. You can choose the quality according to the different occasions. For good quality marking, the technician will adjust the ink and test again and again. Like PTW poker cards, we will adjust the ink and marking pattern according to the color and back design. With this way, good quality PTW marked decks won’t have obvious color difference. But for normal marking, we won’t make ink for each cards. All the cards will use the same ink. So its effect is not as good as good one. But the normal one can also work well in poker tricks. Both of 2 qualities PTW marked cards will be well-packed after the marking process. So they will look the same as original cards.

No matter what quality you buy, PTW marked poker cards can help you win easily in gambling. With naked eyes, they look no difference with the original cards. But when you use specialized devices, you will see the markings on the backs of cards. These cards help you see your opponent’s cards in advance. You can know how to place the bet is the best.

PTW invisible ink marked cards are also suitable for poker magic show. You can invite any audience to choose one cards without showing to you. You can pick up that card easily from the whole cards because the invisible marking lets you know what card he/she picks.

There is no minimum order quantity. If you are interested in this products, you can buy one deck for try first. PTW invisible ink marked cards won’t disappoint you.