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Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck for Infrared Contact Lenses

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Brand Jumbo Bee Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin USA Marked cards type Sunglasses/poker analyzer marked cards


An ultimate marked deck is a kind of cheating poker printed with cards markings. A regular deck that has been marked on the back in a way that reveals the value and suit on the card's face. The cards markings of this kind of marked cards are not made in an old way, like bending or scratching the surface with a razor are ways to mark an already printed deck. The card marking of the Bicycle ultimate marked deck is adding pattern to indicate the cards' values and suites. It's an easy way to find the value of any card in the deck.

The Bicycle ultimate marked deck are 100 percent plastic playing cards with blue deck and red deck, a standard 52-card with red and black color. Also known as the French deck, each card has four suits: spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. The numbers range from 2 to 10, then move on to "Jack", then "Queen", "King" and "Ace". As we all know, the "Ace" is the first card in a typical deck. The Bicycle logo is printed on the Ace of spades. The current deck has a poker hand, two information cards, and two jokers.

If you want to know the value of specific cards while only looking at the back, try this Bicycle ultimate marked deck with cards marking. No matter for magic trick or for poker cheating in game, it will impress you.

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