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Keychain Poker Camera with Short Scanning Distance

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Camera Fixed Working distance 20-40cm
Battery Life Changeable, Chargeable Color Black and Sliver
Marked Cards Type Barcode marked cards Application Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5

Keychain poker camera is for scanning marked cards in gambling. You can put it with your keys, which will make it become very common. It won’t cause other players’ suspicion. And its advantages are small and flexible. We can easily take it to any occasions, like casino, private poker room and friend gathering.

In some occasions, players are not allowed to put phone on the table. At this moment, keychain poker scanner can help you scan cards. You can put the analyzer in your pocket because keychain camera doesn’t have system to analyze the information. It still needs to work with phone analyzer. Keychain scanning camera send the information in the code to the phone. Then the system will reports who is the winner. 

Keychain poker camera is not with long scanning distance. So you need to ensure that the cards are in the scanning scope of camera. It is better to sit next to the dealer, so you can scan the cards in short distance. Although keychain poker scanning camera doesn’t have enough place to install big batteries, it can change batteries, which can also lengthen its working life.

Generally, gambling game will last several hours. If your camera is with unchangeable batteries, you need to charge it during the game. It’s very strange. So most players will choose not to use camera in the following gambling. Our keychain camera can change batteries, so you can change batteries privately. Then you can continue your poker game.

We have many kinds of camera like keychain. They are very common in our daily life, so it is not strange that you take them to gambling. If you want to learn more about them, you can visit our website.